Thursday, August 10, 2006

I'm here alone . . .

The usual suspects are absent.

Bill's at the VA this morning.
Gordon is on his way to Decatur for some business appointments.
Tyler and Lindsey have gone after a summer of being co-conspirators.
The Thursday morning study group wasn't here . . . guess most weren't able to make it.
Steve is working at his mother's.
Tom won't be back until the weekend.
Bill even gave away his pet snake (the one I was hoping to raise to sufficient size to have that snake-handling service everyone is anticipating) to one of the kids from the apartments.

I'm sitting here alone . . . which doesn't happen often. Listening to Bob Marley and waiting on an email so I can start on the powerpoint for Sunday.

Thinking I might as well read a little of Rob Bell's Velvet Elvis and enjoy the break.

I am starting some regular prayer time on Monday with Father William Wilson.

Planning some prayertime tonight with our family as Aaron and Adrienne start a new school year tomorrow.

Being alone to reflect for a bit is good. God is good. Life is good. Having fellow-travelers is good.


Anonymous said...

And then as you're enjoying your time along comes a phone call from someone driving an hour away and continues to talk for the entire drive! I enjoyed the conversation but you should have hinted to the setting. This summer has been fantastic. I agree with all the goods listed, especially God. Thanks for always taking time for everyone, including me and especially God.


Yesterday afternoon I also called Tyler to check on him while he was driving. He was a little beyond New Orleans and thinking of staying with a friend in Lake Charles for the night.

Kevin said...


People here in Sukumaland were thrilled to hear that I visited with you recently. They wanted the details and your address (especially Matayo). I would give them the blog address, but we're not quite connected here. yet.