Friday, August 04, 2006

Catching Up

For anyone interested - here's what's been happening:

I survived a week without my laptop (while it was repaired) and was made acutely aware of how much of what I do depends on it.

Went to a Taize prayer service last night and was thoroughly blessed. For me it was a perfect sense of peace and quietness.

Been listening to Peter Gabriel lately - and Matisyahu "Youth" today. Nothing like a hasidic reggae/rapper to give a change of pace.

Have thoroughly enjoyed working with Lindsey and Tyler - our student ministers this summer - and am going to miss them greatly. Fortunately Lindsey is in school here, so she will still be around!

Our "monastic" community is growing - and I need to begin a practice of daily prayer with the brothers. We might need to work out our own version of Benedict's Rule.

I think we are closer to God . . . and further from religiosity than ever before.


A said...

Sounds like some good everyday growing stuff.

I love Taize prayer. I go to one every time I get the chance.

priest said...

what a summer. as i've told others, my hope in the local church has been renewed. i guess because it's not the local church as i've known it.

i saw two worlds collide last Sunday. we're in the atrium area having communion, a sacred occassion. through the adjacent windows, i look out and see Steve smoking a cigarette, hanging out with Stanley who is picking fresh banana peppers. another sacred occassion. i was sandwiched in the sacred. Christ all around me.

just a vignette of the community i will soon miss.

Ken Haynes said...

Good to have you back making posts.....good stuff....Tyler's comments are right on.

Off to New York for a few days-hope you have good week.