Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Moving to New Location

Rather than work with this again, I decided to take another route . . . and the new blog can be found here (http://web.mac.com/disciplesfellowship/iWeb/Travelers/Journal/Journal.html or by clicking on the title of this post)

NOTE: this is different than the last address i gave yesterday (if you happened to be here!)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Holy New Template, Batman!

Wanted to post something . . . you know, insightful. Comment worthy. Earth-moving, even.

But then I updated to the new version of blogger . . . and now I am distracted by the appearance of the new template. To be fair, they warned me that i would lose format changes I had coded into the old template. I just didn't think my choices would be so limited.

Oh well, I'll have to write in a third column for my other stuff.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Start

New year and a new computer . . . I guess I'm set to blog again.

Thanks to the gracious brothers and sisters at DF for the new mac, which is an excellent machine. I am enjoying learning how much easier everything can be.

So what's been happening within our fellowship? I believe that we are learning more about inward, centered-on-God worship. It is not hyped, staged, or presentational. I think we are discovering more about how to create a worshipful space within our selves . . . heart, mind, and spirit . . . so that we might engage in the adoration of God within his grace and love.

Some of our initial attempts have focused on incorporating a Taize-style of contemplative worship within our gatherings. The emphasis is on peacefulness . . . quiet, inward reflection, having a focus on God, and a simple use of songs and words to create an unhurried way to love God as a congregation.

Somehow it has been easy for many of us to be Christians for years without learning how to simply, peacefully, and reverently enjoy being in the presence of God in worship.

With a similar intent I plan to have us pray through the transfiguration tonight through reading each section, praying a simple prayer, and then leaving space and slience for each person to engage that thought. Here's the plan:

Praying the Transfiguration – Luke 9:28-35

Read vs. 28- "Lord, take us with you to pray, as you took Peter, James, and John. Teach us to enter prayer with you."

Read vs. 29- "As you appeared on the mount, help us to see your glory, your radiant holiness. Let your glory overwhelm us."

Read vs. 30-31 "May we love your glorious redemption, spoken of by the prophets, and given us in the cross. Your grace and love is beyond our understanding."

Read vs. 32-33 "Forgive us when we say the wrong things, think the wrong things, and do the wrong things - which we confess now . . ."

Read vs. 34 "Remove our fears, of the future, of our failures, of all things . . . and envelope us in your comforting presence. May we not fear you"

Read vs. 35 "May we always hear the voice of your beloved Son, and conform our lives to his love in the strength of your grace"

Finish with the Lord's Prayer.