Monday, January 09, 2006

Random Thought

Sometimes I think about something in a strange circumstance - when it doesn't seem to connect to what is going on. Usually those ideas just go away . . .

While loading my car in the Sam's parking lot (plates, cups, coffee, etc . . . all the "stuff" we consume in fellowship) this popped into my head:

Charisma wins out over integrity. People may admire integrity, but they often choose charisma.

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jen said...

charisma is a potent thing. Fortunately a person may have both. Integrity should be the more important of the two but there is no doubt that a person with enough charisma may make more of an impression. Its one of those things in life where doing what's right should always make you the winner but it doesnt always work out that way. That is part of what makes it more of a challenge to act with integrity doing what we know is the right thing. OK. I have rambled enough:)