Thursday, January 05, 2006

Prayer for Starting the Year

We struggled last night through what to pray about for the coming year. No one suggested their own vision of prosperity - which was good and no less than I would expect.

Last week we listened to and talked about 'Peace of Mind' by Boston, and then tried to think of what would be our orientation for seeking God's life in ours through this next year - or at least how we understand that here at the beginning.

Every one had good thoughts, and were confident enough to be self-revealing about struggles and doubts. In some ways our small group sounded glum, but then surprizingly we were also confident.

Through the discussion I was thinking over what I had said to someone earlier in the week: that I am dangerously content.

So my prayer comes out as longing to be thirsty and hungry while enjoying being filled and satisfied. I guess I see some dangers in God's gifts - namely me and my ability to take something good and twist it to my own destruction.

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jen said...

LOL....well I do not suffer from being too content so can't say that I understand that feeling:) Also, it is obvious that you are a deep thinker and sometimes those of us who tend towards introspection can make things far more complicated than they need be, but, its always interesting:)