Friday, July 22, 2005


Spent the day in lower Manhattan today - doing sightseeing and the usual tourist things.

I am thoroughly overtaken by the diversity of humanity. The subway, with everyone lost in reading a paperback, the paper, or listening to music, emphasizes the isolation that is possible among so many people. There was a salesman in our subway car on one trip, trying to sell Duracell batteries for $1.00. His pitch was you didn't want to wait until the music stopped to get new batteries. Just made me think . . . how we wouldn't want the cocoon of music to stop.

Later on the ferry back to Battery Park, a young jewish man was shooting pictures out of the same window as me, trying to get just the right shot of the the Statue of Liberty - and I noticed the earphones he was wearing - keeping him company on the ride.

Probably if I had an ipod I would be doing the same (he actually had a CD player).

Connecting, community. The urban setting has so many possibilities for community . . . but I probably wouldn't cultivate it if I were living here. The fact that I have to work to build it in my life right now is a good indication I would struggle even in the middle of so much humanity.

I've got much to learn about living relationally.


Anthony Parker said...

If people won't take their ear plugs out, maybe we have to start pod-casting. Granted, it's not very relational, but we have to start somewhere.

Ken Haynes said...

Hey- glad you are having a good trip. Thought about what yall might be doing up there. My favorites stops are Metropolitan Museum of Art.....the Modern Museum of Art was closed last time I was up there....but IBM ( the hand that feeds me)..was a huge financial contributor and strategic consultant to the the recent renovation at MOMA....heard it was pretty cool !

By the way-Deb and I went to the moonlight music cafe up in the Vestavia Center this week and heard a roots/alt-country group....from guess where! NYC...all natives of Manhattan. It was sort of ironic. They were quite good. Band called Red Rooster. Don't know how bands make a living..

Your observations on people and their pods were right on. I remember riding the 4-5-6 train and everyone was just in their own little world.