Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Chair Arrangements

For two weeks our sanctuary has been arranged so that we are meeting "in the round" with Christ in the center, his presence indicated by the bread and cup. There is no "front" - only believers gathered around a center.

Like so many different ways of experiencing our worship together, this one brings its own blessings and richness. Of course, we are not searching for some way that we will ultimately settle on so that we might "do it right". All aspects of our journey are a continuing seeking that brings constant change, and if that restless pursuit of God can be expressed through a shifting physicality in the forms of our worship times - so much the better.

My daughter wants us to keep it this way - she says she likes it. I do too.


Steve Duer said...

I have always like the round, but I get dizzy as the speaker trying to make eye contact with everyone.

Thanks for the positive report. Maybe this will spur me to take more risk with how we set up chairs. Simple thing, I know. But changing simple things often cause the most problems.

Greg Newton said...

One saving grace for us: we didn't have "a speaker" either of the last two weeks. Both times we had sharing times where anyone could speak, so being in the round was consistent with whatwe were wanting to do.