Monday, November 13, 2006


If my blogger homepage is correct this is my 200th post since beginning this blog in September 2003. Actually I should add the 76 posts to the Contemplation blog for my total blogging output.

Would that be considered a blogthology, or blogorpus? Maybe its my blogistory. It is certainly the most tangible part of my webdentity.

I guess this should be a notable post . . . something memorable to mark the event.

Untortunately, I'm not feeling very 'notable' right now.

I remember in the early 90's when all the correspondence from Africa was sent by two-week airmail. A month minimum for a reply . . . three to four months for a package.

Then there was the twice-a-day email from a satellite in solar synchronous orbit through a network for medical workers in the African interior. I helped configure their Macs for free access to their email system.

Today workers in Mwanza have blogs. But they still don't have reliable electricity.

Here I sit, writing my 200th post. A lot has happened.

I wonder what might be happening when I write a 400th post . . . if we still have blogs then.


priest said...

i'd call it more of a blog canon, if you will. your stuff is being canonized.

btw, tonite marks the first unofficial emergent cohort gathering at the Bedford St. Grill and Pub. we'll make a toast to our friends in Bham.

betsy2b said...

Whatever is happening when you post your 400th blog...I hope you write about it as honestly and succinctly as you have the first other words....thanks and please keep writing.