Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Todd's Blog

A good friend (and fellow mal-content with the status quo - why can't it be better?) recently started a blog. More accurately . . . I recently discovered the blog he started several months ago!

Anyway, Todd is a good friend from way back. He and his family followed us to Tanzania - coming in as we were leaving.

Maybe it is the being missionaries thing - but we share a spiritually adventurous bent which pursues God without tremendous regard for sacred cows.

So I encourage you to visit his blog and read his confessional post about being tired of the idea of strategy.



Anthony Parker said...
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Southlake Student Community said...

wow... thanks, greg! i was wondering how several of you guys all suddenly lurked on my blog! it's fun... i should've started sooner.

i enjoy catching yours, too! see ya later, bro.