Friday, August 05, 2005

A Christian Nation?

We invited a guest who has been worshiping with us this summer while in a Master's program to speak to us about what God has been teaching her. She is Jordanian, a Christian woman in a nation where only 2% of the people are followers of Jesus.

She shared many of her insights as she spoke about wisdom. Her faith, conviction, and pursuit of God came through clearly in her testimony.

After she concluded her thoughts we had a time for questions, and one asked what it was like living in America where there are so many Christians, as compared to Jordan which is overwhelmingly muslim. She said (as best I can remember and paraphrase) it's not very different. You see, the muslims believe in Jesus as a prophet . . . so they believe in Jesus. Here in America people believe in Jesus just like the muslims do . . . that he is a savior, a teacher, and they see themselves as following him, but they don't take him seriously.

This godly woman who has grown up in a muslim country sees "Christian" America as no more truly committed to following Jesus that a muslim country.

I think she is, unfortunately, correct.


A said...

No surprises here...unfortunately....

Mark said...

Yo tambien (I also) am not surprised. Praise God for his grace! I am reminded of a phrase Jesus used often with his disciples.. "O ye of little faith..."

Fajita said...

Ouch, and ouch again. I am getting more and more disturbed by this kind of thing. Not because it is offensive in the "IT'S WRONG" kind of way, but rather that it so exposes me.