Thursday, May 19, 2005


Okay, I admit . . .

Sometimes my ideas don't sound so good the second time around.

I still get a twinge of feeling left behind when I read/hear of others progressing in the profession of ministry.

I am still way too judgmental of those selling out ministry as a profession.

I sound like I am better read/more knowledgeable than I really am - I probably spent last night getting my butt whipped online in Halo 2 rather than reading . . . (insert notable author/book here).

I really do think that most heavy metal songs are redeemable if they're honest about life.

I am still unforgiving towards some people who have wronged me.

My thoughts are very heathen even if my actions aren't. I'm really scared of "snapping" and doing what I think about.

I'm not too certain that confessing like this is a good idea.

I wish God would put an end to all the silly stuff that is promoted on the INSP network.

That last confession means God would have to put an end to my silliness as well.

I'm a really judgmental idiot.

I need to think more before confessing - so really stupid statements like that one about the INSP network can be filtered so I can keep up the pretense of not saying dumb and self-condemning stuff.

I thought of something to confess, but I'm not going to say it here.

I get impatient with others.

I really do want to praised by men and women - though I know that is very dangerous.

Sometimes I worry about the future.

I don't want to get seriously sick for a long time.

I'm not real sure how I feel about definitely not being young anymore. I want to age graciously but don't know if I'll do that well.

I am too intently concerned about criticism - which is ironic because I knowingly do things that will generate it.


A said...

Believe it or not, this post kind of inspires me. Confession is indeed good for the soul, and it is a neglected discipline in the circles of the church from which I have come. Thanks for your honesty.

Ken said...

You too....huh.

Mark said...

You are so right Arlen...confession is indeed ood for te soul. Just wish it did not have to hurt so much and be so revealing!

chuck duer said...

To confess our thoughts and not just the stupid things we do and say, now that would be scary

Joel said...

wow greg, i appreciate the bold vulnerability...i confess that i am not ready to do that in front of an audience like this right now (even if it IS just 15!)